“Nights Like This” By Emilio Rojas Is A BANGER

Most Hip Hop fans who pay attention know Emilio Rojas, if not for his unique and amazing flow, then for his knack for being able to string together clever rhymes while maintaining that flow. Today Emilio, fresh off of touring, gives us something new and different in “Nights Like This”.

First of all, with the long-winded song description aside – This GOES. If Drake made this song, it would LIVE on radio.

Emilio tells the all-so-familiar story of a woman in a relationship with an unfaithful man, thinking she could change him. In-turn, out of frustration, she begins to have an affair with someone who seemingly cares about her.

“You deserve better. I hate to see you settle. I hate to see you struggle with love, and see you fed up”.

The story is what makes this song great, the hook and beat is what makes this song, in my opinion, amazing. Listen for yourself below: