Bump J Says It’s “Good 2 Be Home” On First Song Since Release From Prison

Bump J is HOME!! 

Produced by Cardo

It feels good to say that. Before he was convicted of robbing a bank which led to almost a decade in federal prison, he was one of the most promising rappers coming out of Chicago. Before Lupe, before Chief Keef or King Louie, before Chance – it was Bump J. 

The epitome of a street rapper. With production and co-signs from Kanye West, his song on a McDonalds commercial, and the whole city behind him – he was the golden child. 

He lost his deal with Atlantic because the label was afraid he’d end up dead or in jail. After losing his million dollar deal, which he referenced in today’s “Good 2 Be Home”, he feared for his financial situation. Which led to what put him behind bars. But he’s home now. So let’s focus on the positive.

This is his first official release since he’s been a free man, and we’re ready for it. Hopefully a full length project is in the works.