Nitty Scott MC Delivers A Feminist Anthem With “BBYGRL”

This one goes. Produced by Yung Lil Big.

Earlier today, Nitty Scott MC premiered her new single “BBYGRL” over at NYLON. It’s the first single from her upcoming album “Creature!”. NYLON described the track as a “modern rap interpretation of the ’90s No Doubt’s hit ‘Just A Girl'”.  It’s a strong feminist anthem that is very socially current with the times. She covers a range of topics such as double standards and guys telling women what to do with their bodies.

Here’s Nitty Scott’s personal explanation of her new joint:

“I think it’s an ode to our many moods and layers. I’ve got my own identities—a Black and Latina zen bruja, bisexual with both masculine and feminine energy—but it’s really about creating a world where we can just be the multidimensional beings we are. Plus I’ve been missing those girl power vibes the ’90s gave us!”

Listen for yourself below: